The RuhrSummit unites all initiatives and organisations of the local startup stage of the Ruhr area.

All organizers are directly from the startup scene and know from personal experience pretty much exactly where it hits and in which areas startups need information and network. Beyond that we want to direct the spotlight of the startup scene on the Ruhr area for two days and make clear that a lot is happening here. For almost two years, a noticeable dynamic has been developing in the scene – events and initiatives are picking up speed and both politicians and corporations are redefining the topic in the region.

We as an organisation team would like to invite you to join us and to actively shape the landscape of founders in the Ruhr area. We are happy about every participant, but of course also about multipliers, supporters and people who want to get actively involved. We are open for everything and are thankful for almost every impulse, which further stimulates the startup event.

Your RuhrSummit Team