Field Service Communi­cation app challenge

by Siemens AG, Power Generation Services

Improving the flow of information before and during the implementation phase for site personnel including backoffice.

Keywords: Software; app; smartphone; process; Analysis; image recognition; collaboration tool; project management software

Field personnel is using smart phones already to communicate emails or other web-based software. Depending on the type of information, different communication channels with different recipients are selected. Among other things, this means that information is distributed decentralized, there is no uniform information status and, for example, handovers cannot be carried out efficiently because information is lost.

Siemens AG, Power Generation Services

The Siemens Power Generation Services Division offers a broad spectrum of innovative products and services, to enable our customers within the utility, oil & gas, and industrial processing industries to achieve high reliability and optimal performance of their rotating power equipment. In addition to our conventional services we offer Digital Services that enable customers to create new business models and manage their risk, improve their performance and ultimately increase their profitability.

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